Desktop Roverô v4.5



"The new killer app on my systems... I use two 22" monitors and was previously using a clunky and noisy KVM switch to juggle tasks. Now my computers are a symphony of productivity."

KVM Software, no cable or switches needed!

Desktop Rover™ allows you to control all the Windows computers (and Pocket PCs) on your desk with one keyboard and mouse. Easily Copy and Paste between computers as well.

Don't spend your budget on KVMs and cables without giving Desktop Rover™ a try.

New Version Supports Windows 7  Updated 5/12/2010 Desktop Rover™ v4.5.0.1. This version supports Windows 7 and has improved speed when copying files between computers.  Includes several other enhancements and bug fixes..

Versions 4.0 and above require Windows 2000 and higher. Updated version (3.9) included in installer for legacy support (9x, ME, and NT4).

Vista/Windows 7 Capable Version Available : Desktop Rover™ versions 4.0 and above provide full support for Vista and Fast User Switching.

Free upgrades are available for current users up to one year after original purchase date.

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